Part P Registered

Friday, February 5th, 2010

What is Part P?
Part P was brought in by the Government and is just one part of a number of building regulations, but  which from the home owner and electrician’s point of view is a legal requirement, with regards to electrical installations in and outside of domestic dwellings.

As usual with any Government scheme, the regulations are not well explained, and have no continuity of reason for why some areas require part P certification and others do not.

The schemes being run by various approved bodies seem to be able to approve trades of whatever electrical experience, be that plumbers, kitchen fitters, bathroom fitters, gardeners, builders, and even so called electricians on the basis of a few hour visits, or a 3 or 4 day course for part P status, as a full scope or defined scope electrical installer.

However, it exists and must for the moment, be complied with. If you require building regulations approval to sign off works to your house you must obtain a part P certificate for the electrical works if they came within those requirements, and similarly when you come to sell your house you will be asked for certification for any electrical works carried out which would have been subject to the regulations in force since January 2000.

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